Sara Reisman - The Space Between - Exhibition Essay USA 2007

The Space Between*

‘…In the age of mobile communications and interactive media, the latest communication interface holds the promise of increased instant gratification and control of information. Online communities, instant messaging, and hand-held communication devices keep us connected to various forms of community through voice, text, and keystroke. With these tools come new modes of expressions like emoticons, which for many have begun to replace authentic interaction. The impact of technologically produced gestures is difficult to quantify, but the video works installed here give the impression that the onslaught of newer media makes actual human contact al the more precious … Emphasizing the spaces between political consciousness and daily life, Marc André Robinson, Tom Bogaert, and Daniel Perlin use video to confront, respectively, the legacy of Malcolm X, the massive loss of human life experienced in Rwanda, and the impact of the Patriot Act on the individual. Bogaert’s video game This is Rwanda (2004) is a montage of video footage documenting the Rwandan genocide…’

Sara Reisman – April 2007

  • The Space Between is borrowed from the title of Jesal Kapadia’s Space Between: Woman Cycling (2002), which highlights the tensions between technology and tradition.