Bonbon Tè Majik

by Lafleur & Bogaert for documenta fifteen
Garden of the St. Kunigundis church in Kassel.

Production and sale of edible magical mud cakes and candy made with clay from the Großalmerode clay pit near Kassel. While the myth exists that people in Haiti have had to resort to eating dirt due to extreme poverty, the reality is that mud cakes, or ‘bonbon tè’, are traditionally used as a dietary supplement — typically during pregnancy, due to the mineral content of the mud.

After a visit to the historical Großalmerode clay pit near Kassel, Lafleur & Bogaert got together in Haiti in March 2022 to prepare for this project. For documenta fifteen, Lafleur & Bogaert make mud cakes in their yellow construction trailer in the garden of the St.Kunigundis Church with Großalmerode clay and mud.

Experimenting with different recipes, flavours, motifs, and designs, Lafleur & Bogaert offer the cakes to the public who can then eat or collect the ‘Bonbons Tè Majik.’


Michel Lafleur (Haiti) and Tom Bogaert (Belgium) are two artists who work together as the collaborative art duo Lafleur & Bogaert. They began creating art together in 2013 when they met at the 3rd edition of the Atis Rezistans / Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.