Famasi Mobil

Famasi Mobil Kongolè, 2019


Installation view BWAC Redhook, Brooklyn, NY

Mobile pharmacies are the main source of medicine for many Haitians. Street vendors carry spires of curved paper covered with pills — painkillers, antibiotics, Viagra knockoffs, condoms, abortion pills and cough syrups.

Michel Lafleur (Haiti) and Tom Bogaert (Belgium) present 4 mobile pharmacies inspired by the “Famasi Mobil Swis” originally commissioned by the Swiss Pavilion at the 2017 Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


The “Famasi Mobil Kongolè” includes electric lights, Congo Blue filter sheets, hand painted cardboard, plastic buckets, multicolored pills, rubber bands and pairs of scissors.

Lafleur & Bogaert (HT/BE) collaborated in three consecutive editions of the “Ghetto Biennale” in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Most recently, they presented a number of sculptural mobile pharmacies (Famasi Mobil Kongolè) at Pulse Art Fair in Miami Beach (2018) and at BWAC in New York City (2019).