Of Statues and Markers


“Of Statues and Markers” (2018) is a night time stop, flash and walk, where we as a group use DIY modified night vision cameras in an attempt to capture New York City’s monuments by night.

The infrared flash photography walk is meant as a way to evaluate tendencies that celebrate some histories while at the same time erase other histories. The walk will result in a collective perspective and in turn a collaborative potential counter-monument that will be installed in the Flux Factory gallery for the remainder of S.T.E.P….

“Of Statues and Markers” also includes a night vision infrared camera hacking workshop! Cameras will then be used on the walk. Used cameras will be available on site but participants are also welcome to bring their own old point-and-shoot cameras to hack.

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Saunter Trek Escort Parade…(S.T.E.P.) is curated by Christina Freeman, Emireth Herrera and Moira Williams for Flux Factory and Queens Museum