Foam (I'm gonna live forever)

Foam (I'm gonna live forever)

For “squib” I use a DIY air powered device that creates the illusion of a bloody gunshot impact on buildings in Algiers.

The first documented use of squibs to simulate bullet impacts in movies was in the 1955 Polish film Pokolenie by Andrzej Wajda, where for the first time audiences were presented with a realistic representation of a bullet impacting on an on-camera human being, complete with blood spatter. The creator of the effect, Kazimierz Kutz, used a condom with fake blood and dynamite.

Opening: November 25, 2017 3-5pm

Espaco Gallery
Résidence CMB 196 Oued Terfa El Achour
Algiers, Algeria

+213 558 28 10 16