Flanders Art Institute Dream City working visit.

Working visit to Dream City festival | Visitors’ Programmes | Flanders Arts Institute

Tunis Intersections / Dream City is a working visit to Tunis during the Dream City festival (4 to 8 October). Dream City is organised by choreographers Selma and Soufiane Ouissi and their Association L’Art Rue. The festival takes place in the Medina in Tunis and focuses on the intense and sustainable relationship between the artist and the context of the Medina.

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“Voyage, voyage” at Jaou Tunis, Tunisia.

Jaou Tunis 2017: L’artiste Tom Bogaert s’intéresse à la migration à travers… des fraises!

Publication: Tom Bogaert a réalisé de nombreuses expositions en Europe, au Moyen Orient, au Maghreb et aux États-Unis. Dernièrement, l’artiste belge a présenté plusieurs travaux au musée du Bardo à Tunis, dans le cadre du projet Matza Kerkennah qui réunissait plusieurs artistes tunisiens et internationaux.

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“Matza Kerkennah” at the Bardo National Museum in Tunis, Tunisia. April 14–May 7, 2017.


Cette exposition, présentée au Musée National du Bardo à Tunis, présente jusqu’au 7 mai les travaux réalisés par une équipe d’artistes tunisiens, suisses, français et belges qui ont participé à la première édition de MATZA Kerkennah sur les îles du même nom, au large de Sfax.

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"pepsi, cola, water?" screenings April - May 2017.

Athens International Film and Video Festival – Athens, US
Experiments in Cinema – Albuquerque, US
Hamburg International Short Film Festival @ Resonanzraum – Hamburg Germany

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Human Rights Lottery at the THESSALONIKI CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ART - 19/01 to 28/02/2017

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IMMORTALITY FOR ALL at Savvy Contemporary in Berlin. Opening December 10, 2016

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'Voyage, voyage' in Berlin >> PLANTS FOR THE NIGHT at Kreuzberg Pavillon

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"pepsi, cola, water?" shortlisted for the PRIX DU FILM SUR L'ART at the Brussels Art Film Festival (screening on 20 November 2016 at CINEMATEK Brussels 17:00)

Films en compétition – Baffestival.be

Mangeurs de pommes de terre, peint par Vincent Van Gogh en 1885, et l’activité nocturne du port d’Anvers aujourd’hui.

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Bogaert à Casablanca

Fatma Jellal – Remerciements à l’Organisation de… | Facebook

Remerciements à l’Organisation de l’Autorité flamande qui a soutenu ce projet en partenariat avec The Ultra Laboratory…

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'pepsi, cola, water?' FIRST PRICE at VIDEOEX: Sa 28.05.2016 - 18:30 Festivalkino Cinema Z3

videoEx – Videoex Festival: CH-Wettbewerb 2016 Gewinner… | Facebook

Videoex Festival: CH-Wettbewerb 2016 Gewinner ex aequo “Pepsi, Cola, Water?” von Tom Bogaert, CH 2015, HD, 9:20 Min & “The Meadow” von Jela Hasler, CH…

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pepsi, cola, water? at DOXA! screening MONDAY MAY 9, 2016.

pepsi, cola, water?

Jazz pioneer and philosopher Sun Ra had a deep fascination with outer space and ancient Egypt. Computer animation, archival footage, and music from Sun Ra are interwoven to create a recreation/celebration of his legendary visit to Egypt in 1971. The result is a film as far out as Sun Ra himself.

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'pepsi, cola, water?' BBC Arabic interview with Tom Bogaert - April 25, 2016

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Clocktower Radio: Tom Bogaert, Rocket Number Nine

ORIGINALLY AIRED February 8, 2016.

One of my very favorite projects for the Ghetto Biennale was Tom Bogaert's. He pursued the pseudo-mythical, possibly…

Posted by Richard Arthur Fleming on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

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Bashar al-Assad Freedom Tower in NYC

Bashar al-Assad Freedom Tower on view at Babel: an installation in the curated space of the Outsider Art Fair by Leah Gordon New York City, Jan 21st – Jan 24th 2016

Posted by Tom Bogaert on Thursday, January 21, 2016

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ART27: Once Upon a Time

opening 1 November 2015

Tom Bogaert – what is it that it is

“what is it that it is” (Psychophone) is an intimate sound installation for a public pool, inspired by the shower scene from Hitchcock’s “Psycho”. When picking up the phone in the lifeguards’ office, the soundtrack of the shower scene plays through the receiver.

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