Tom Bogaert

Minecraft Mausoleum (Syria, 2010)

Minecraft Mausoleum (Syria, 2010)

Postinternet is Dead

Minecraft Mausoleum at Exhibition Initiative in Oberlin, OH.

Fisher Gallery
39 W. College St., Oberlin, OH

21-25 May, 2015

Postinternet is dead, the Arab Spring is dead, long live Bashar al-Assad.

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is known to be a computer geek. He used to be chairman of the ‘Syrian Computer Society’ and opened up his country to the internet in 2001. In the face of the Arab Spring’s general enthusiasm for online tools, Minecraft Mausoleum utilizes Minecraft – an online building game – as context and medium to present a model of a Mausoleum for president Bashar.

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